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About the product

Maybe you are a wedding guest and want to send the couple a very unique illustrated wedding card.


Maybe you are the lucky couple and want to send a special card to a member of the wedding party to thank them for all their help with your big day, your parent(s) for example.


Maybe you are one half of the couple getting married and want to send a personalised card to your partner.  A card that you can hand-write your personal message, illustrated with the venue that you became a couple in.

This is that card!


What you get

A folded card, printed both sides on our white accent antique card (with a slight texture).  On the cover you have the illustration of the venue.  As to the inside and back cover then the choice is yours.  We can provide some examples but equally we are happy to include whatever text/message you would like.


This is supplied with a plain luxury envelope which also matches the card in colour and texture.



This is 5” by 7” (when scored/folded).



Your choice from our range of traditional and elegant styles to modern and contemporary.  Please view our range here.


Please Note:

If you are a wedding guest and this is card to the wedding couple, please check to see if we have the wedding venue sketched here.  If not, you may wish to consider having an original sketch commissioned and you can then present the original as an additional present.

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