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Please see below the various typestyles you can choose for your wedding stationery (A-G). Here you can see how your cover and the invitation text inside will appear.


We print the titles on your cover and the names of you and your partner on the text inside (title text) in a colour of your choice (all examples below are printed in the same gold).  The main body text is generally printed in black or pencil grey.  If you like the title text from one typestyle and the body text from another, then feel free to mix and match.


There is also a choice of typestyle for the italic font that we use when personalisation the invitations with your guest’s names (from styles 1-12).


Typestyle A

Shows one of our floral motifs to feature above the text.  Please ask us for our full range.


Typestyle B

Shows a 2nd sketch to feature above the text.  This can be used where for example the marriage ceremony is in a church but the reception then takes place at a venue.

Typestyle C

Shows an alternative floral motif inside. The main body text is in capitals but like with any of our typestyles we can also provide in lower case.


Typestyle D

Shows a crest which is a common image to use to feature above the text.  This is shown in pencil grey in line with the colours on the front of the invitation cover but we can print this in a colour of your choice.

Here we have printed the guest’s names in gold (which can also be any colour of your choice), rather than the names of the couple getting married.


Typestyle E

Like example B above, we feature a 2nd sketch above the invitation text, this time being a prominent feature associated with the venue, which in this example is of the statue in the grounds of the venue.


Typestyle F

This features another floral-style image above the invitation text.  We can print this in up to three colours to coordinate with the theme of your wedding (in this example, gold, navy blue and soft grey).

Typestyle G

New for 2021. Again another floral motif inside, with contrasting calligraphy style text against stylish body text in capitals.

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