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You have chosen a stunning venue right? Fallen in love with it? Quite right too!

Now imagine giving your guests a glimpse of where they will be sharing your special day with your own unique illustrated invitations. Set the tone with a bit of ‘wow’ factor!

First of all we would recommend that you check with us to see if we have already sketched your venue.  You can check our current portfolio of venues here.

If we haven’t then why not commission an original sketch from us. Not only is the original yours to keep and treasure, but we can then use the sketch to create a suite of truly unique and bespoke stationery for you.

Here is how our artist will complete our sketch for you. We have used the beautiful venue of Brympton House, Somerset to demonstrate each stage of the sketch process.

Step 1

First of all, we start with a clear photograph of the venue from the angle you wish it to be sketched from. In the past this has usually involved a visit to the venue to take a photograph but these days we find there are often many images on line we can use. We will always discuss this with you however and make sure we get the best angle and use the most appropriate artistic licence when completing your commission.

CS STEP 1.jpg

Step 2

Our artist then outlines the main features of the sketch making sure the perspective is correct and that the main architectural features are clearly marked.


Step 3

Once the main pencil outline is in place, our artist very carefully runs over in pen ink to highlight the key features.


Step 4

Gradually, various parts of the venue are brought to life.


Step 5

These parts are then brought in unison as the whole sketch is completed with the pen.


Step 6

The pen outline is now ready for the pencil work.


Step 7

Our artist then carefully applies delicate pencil shading to various parts of the sketch.



The sketch is complete! A wonderful pen and pencil shading illustration of the wedding venue you have fallen in love with and where you are looking forward to spending your big day.

We then use the sketch to create a bespoke range of unique and personalised wedding stationery to wow your guests and set that perfect tone for your wedding

CS STEP 8.jpg
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