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About this product

Tease your guests while they wait for you and your partner to take your seat, with your reception venue’s mouth watering menu!


What you get

This is printed on double sided card in either flat or folded style. This is printed in a colour and typestyles of your choice on one of our five hand-selected cards in white, ivory and cream and in different finishes.


We can include the main menu and a list of wines and other items could be details of the toasts to be proposed and responded to, and separate vegetarian or children’s menus.


Each guest could either have their own menu or a small number of flat or folded menus could be placed on the table if place cards have been chosen.


You may also wish to write your own thank you message on the reverse of your menu, your first message together since becoming a proud couple!



There are two sizes available:

i) 99mm by 210mm and

ii) A5 (148mm by 210mm) 


Optional Extras

Folded: Both sizes of menu are also available in folded.


Personalised: Also as an optional extra, you may wish to combine the place card with the menu and personalise your menu with your guest names (no need for a place card then). We can print their name in a colour of your choice in an italic font.

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