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About the product

Use this card as a way to help your guests find their way to your venue with directions and perhaps a map, with perhaps some helpful telephone numbers of local taxi firms. You could also provide contact details for your venue for possible accommodation or a list of nearby hotels / bed and breakfasts. You can also provide some guidance on gifts too.

We will work with you to add whatever you want to say. Remember, the more information you give your guests is not only helpful to them but avoids you being bombarded with queries from them!  Please ask us for our helpful guide on the various things that our customers have included on their Information Cards.


What you get

The Information Card comprises of a flat double-sided card that slots neatly inside your Invitation envelope.

This is printed in colours and typestyles of your choice, matching your selection for the corresponding Invitation, on one of our five hand-selected cards in white, ivory and cream and in different finishes.



We trim the Information Card so it is slightly smaller than your Invitation, to enable it to fit neatly inside when your Invitation is folded.  Alternatively we print this the same size as your Invitation if selecting the flat card option.



There is a choice of eight typestyles to offer a blend of modern and contemporary with classic and traditional.  These can be viewed here.




Map: You can opt to have a map on your Information Card which is a nice finishing touch.  We will print the main roads to the venue in a colour that coordinates with your invitation.


Folded Information Card: As an alternative to the flat version, you could have a folded card which allows slightly more information to be presented.

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