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In this blog, we would like to introduce you to our new sister brand, The Alternative Guest Book. If you’re not already familiar with it, our main product is our Wedding Guest Comments Frame, which basically is an alternative guest book! It is the unique keepsake that everyone is talking about!!

Instead of putting all those lovely memories away in a book, where they are rarely read or seen, we take all the wonderful, funny, moving comments from your big day and turn them into a piece of art which you can give a special place in your home, as well as your heart.

Take a look at our website for a closer look. Don’t just take our word for it, we are so grateful to many of our couples for the lovely feedback on their frames, each and every one of whom has been blown away by this fantastic keepsake. Check out our testimonials page to see a few of them.

We provide personalised message cards that are generally placed at your guests table setting at the reception and invites them to leave a message on the reverse – a memory, a piece of advice or something to make you laugh. You send those comments back to us, which will be a combination of emotional messages (usually from parents and grandparents) to the more humorous (the best man’s contribution always makes us laugh when we read it) or even a sketch from your adorable flower girl.

We then begin the design. First of all we agree the size of frame you want, and also the frame (type and colour). Next we sort the image in the centre of the frame which could be an illustration of the venue if we have it, or your favourite photograph from the big day. After judging the quality of your guests handwriting on your message cards, you then have a choice on how we display the comments. Will you choose the scanned option where we scan the message, edit slightly, and then position them around the frame? This is very sentimental as each message will be in your guests handwriting style. Or will you go for the typed version – where we type each comment, use a hand-writing style font in various sizes and place around the frame? This option gives us the benefit to correct any typo’s and allows much more editing capability. Check out our gallery on our website for examples of both styles.

We are also expanding our range of events that we provide our message frames for. Perhaps you are looking for an original birthday gift – an 18th, 21st, 30th and so on. Imagine how personal it would be for a 60th present and have all the family members to write their personal message. Maybe it could be a younger member of the family – a christening frame that can be a lasting reminder of special words of advice which can be read as the recipient takes their steps through life. It makes a very special addition to a nursery or bedroom wall, a keepsake that will last a lifetime. In response to a request, we have also introduced Remembrance frames to provide family members who have lost a loved one with a really special reminder of all the people’s hearts they have touched.

Keep watching our website, as we will add these new products with images as soon as we can.

With our best wishes,

Jamie, Rachael, Lily & Faith xx


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