Day and Evening Invitations

Day and Evening Invitations

What you get

The Day or Evening Invitation comprises a folded cover with the invitation wording printed on the inside and supplied with a quality matching plain envelope.


Timing Schedule

You  may be thinking of sending out your invitations package 3-6 months before your wedding date and we are seeing a trend of even earlier than this, especially if a Save the Date Card has not been sent. Please ask us if we have your venue already sketched as this will save time – please bear in mind our artist can be in strong demand during certain times of the year so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. We can always hold your commissioned sketch on file until you are ready to let us have the details for your invitations.


The Cover

Typically, this will feature either the Day or Evening Invitation title above the sketch with you and your partner’s name together with the name of the venue underneath the sketch. This is usually printed in a colour and typestyle of your choice, on one of our five hand-selected cards in white, ivory and cream and in different finishes.


Inside Text

The main text for the Invitation wording is generally printed in black or pencil grey and we usually print you and your partner’s names in colour.


There are various layouts you can choose for the wording of your invitation, depending on whether you and your partner are the hosts or whether the invitation will be coming from one or both sets of parent(s). We are more than happy to help you with this and you will receive proofs (and amended proofs as necessary) until you are completely happy with the layout.


We have also carefully chosen our range of typestyles to offer a blend of modern and contemporary with classic and traditional.



In most cases the Invitation will be 7” by 5” / 178mm by 127mm (when folded) and in landscape. There may be times when the actual sketch of the venue lends itself better to a portrait and in somes cases a square layout, in which case the invitation will be 145mm by 145mm.

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