Place Cards

Place Cards

About this product

Your place cards will ensure your guests take the right seat at their table.


What you get

This is a folded scored card featuring your commissioned sketch of your venue and a perfect way to indicate each guest’s place at their table. We would normally print your names and date of the wedding with sufficient room to write the names of your guests underneath. This is printed in the typestyle of your choice, on one of our five hand-selected cards in white, ivory and cream and in different finishes.


We provide two options: 1) with the venue printed on the front of the card with crest on reverse or 2) having the venue printed on the reverse (which allows for a slightly larger and better quality printed image).



The Place Card is approximately 100mm by 50mm (when folded).


Optional Extra

As an alternative to handwriting your guests names, you can select the optional extra of having your guests names printed in an italic font for that perfect finishing touch.


Alternative options

As an alternative to the Place Card, you could consider our personalised Menu’s and have your guest names individually printed on the top of these.

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