RSVP Cards

RSVP Cards

About this product

You can ensure a convenient way for your guests to reply to your invitation with an RSVP Card enclosed with your Invitation. With its own envelope (with optional extra to have this printed with the RSVP address), it slots neatly inside your Invitation, possibly alongside your Information Card.


Timing Schedule

Knowing your final guest numbers will be important to let your venue know for the menu (and individual choices if applicable) and if you are having your Seating Plan printed. We suggest you have an RSVP date for a minimum of 4-5 weeks before the wedding day but in some cases you may want to know well in advance of this, especially if you will be inviting any ‘reserve’ guests following anyone’s polite decline


What you get

The RSVP card comprises of a flat double-sided card with matching plain envelope. This and the RSVP envelope will fit neatly inside the Invitation. This is printed in a colour and typestyle of your choice matching your selection for the corresponding Invitation, on one of our five hand-selected cards in white, ivory and cream and in different finishes.


On your RSVP Card you can also have additional information such as ‘No. of vegetarian meals required’ or ‘No. of children’s meals required’ etc. Some guests may need to arrange transportation from say the church to the reception venue and coach seats may be requested on the RSVP Card. You may also have a menu printed on the reverse if you require your guests to select their choices (see optional extra below).


Top Tip

Always keep a list of invites / names you have sent out and be sure to check off as soon as you have heard back, possibly marking the RSVP envelope with initials, as although we design our RSVP’s with a space for your guest(s) names, some still may forget to add this vital piece of information and you are left not knowing who sent it!



In most cases the RSVP will be A6 / 105mm by 148mm and in portrait. There may be times when the actual sketch of the venue lends itself better to a square layout, in which case the RSVP Card will be 130mm by 130mm.

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