Guide to Ordering

Check to see if we have your wedding venue already sketched in our portfolio

First of all, we would suggest you let us know when and where you are getting married. If it is a wedding venue then we will most probably know of it, and we may even have it on file. If this is the case then let us send you some samples! If not, we can always do some quick research and give you some feedback on having it sketched.

Commissioning an illustration of your wedding venue

Please be aware that there is often a waiting list for our artist, which in busy months can be several weeks so we would advise to book this early to avoid disappointment.  In most cases we can obtain good images online to base our sketch on and we will suggest to you what we feel would work best. 

We would then send an invoice for a deposit which would be £100.

Decide which items to order

You may wish to order in stages with us. Your initial order may simply be to commission the sketch of your church/venue and perhaps order some Save the Date cards. Later you may wish to order your Invitations and RSVP Cards. Then at a later stage after the replies have come flooding back in, you may wish to order the remaining items of your stationery package, i.e. what you will need on the day such as Order of Service (or Order of the Day), Menus, Place Cards, Seating Plan and Guest Comments Frame.  After the big day, and when you have deservedly relaxed a little, you may wish to order some thank you cards personalised with your favourite wedding photograph. 

Let us quote for you

We are more than happy to provide a personalised itemised quote for you as we will introduce some discounts when ordering multiple items.  Look at our products page too as we provide special packages for bundle packages.  All we need are the products that you are thinking of ordering and approximate quantities.

Choose the colour of your card

Will it be our traditional white or cream or perhaps something in between.  We have a range of five cards that we have hand-picked.  We will send a swatch within our sample pack.

Choose your typestyle and layout

We have a range of eight typestyles for you to choose from.  For your day and evening invitations, you will also need to choose your layout (i.e. whether the invitations are coming from the married couple or whether it is the parent(s) of the couple who are sending the invite – don’t worry we can help with this).  Please note that you can have whatever wording you choose – our templates are just suggestions.  You will then need to decide whether we include a dotted line so that you can hand-write your guests name(s) or as an added option we can print your guest name(s) in a calligraphy style font.

Choose the colour of your print

Yes, and if you let us know more exact requirements (your colour theme for example), we can tailor a sample pack more towards what you are thinking of ordering from us.

Do you do any illustrations other than venues?

You may wish to have a traditional classic look and have your stationery printed with gold titles.  Alternatively you may wish to have some of the text printed in another colour that matches the theme of your wedding. We have provided a colour swatch on the site to give you some ideas although we are not restricted to these (we can also mail via hard copy to you as some colours can look very different on the screen versus printed). A popular choice for this coming season appears to be mon-style, keeping things very simple yet classic and having mixture of black and silver/grey.  What will you choose?

Choose your Optional Extras

For some of our products, there are a selection of optional extras. These include having your guests names printed inside the invitation, having their names and address printed on the envelope with your names and date of the wedding on the reverse flap and upgrading the envelope from wove to a thicker textured envelope (Accent Antique White range only).

Production of your proofs

We will then send through an information request for certain details so that we can prepare your proofs for you (such as how you wish your names to be printed, date and time of the wedding, RSVP details etc).

Confirmation of your proofs

Your first set of proofs will be sent via email (pdf)and gives you the opportunity to either confirm the proof for spelling/layout etc or request a further amendment. Please do not hesitate in the slightest to ask for any changes – we want to get it just right for you.  We don’t charge you for this – it is all included.  Additional proofs are sent until you are entirely happy with the finished look. Each request will have a turnaround time of approx. 72 hours and will be sent via email. Once the emailed proof has been confirmed, we will send a hard copy proof on the stock you have chosen so you know exactly how your finished order will look (excluding Seating Plan). 

At this stage, we will also invoice for the full amount of the stationery.

Printing commences

As soon as we receive your final proof confirmation with payment, we will then begin to print your unique personalised illustrated stationery. 

Stationery is prepared for delivery

After going through our quality control checks, your stationery will then be carefully wrapped and packaged, ready to be dispatched via our couriers. This process takes approximately two weeks from the final proof confirmation, although we can in some cases speed this up where required.

Stationery received!

We will then track the delivery and as soon as we know the order is safe in your hands, we will contact you to ensure you are 100% happy with your order. If appropriate, we will also diarise to contact you at a future point to discuss the time frame for any other remaining items of your order.

Your guests receive their Invitations!

One of the most rewarding parts of our work is hearing our customers feedback from their guests when they receive their unique invitations.  If we have helped wow your guests then we will be happy we have played a small part for your big day.

We look forward to working with you,

Rachael & Jamie (…and Lily and Faith) xx

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