Please see below the various typestyles you can choose for your wedding stationery. Here you can see how your cover and the invitation text inside will appear. We print the titles on your cover and the names of you and your partner on the text inside (title text) in a colour of your choice.  The main body text is generally printed in black or pencil grey.  If you liked the title text from one typestyle and the body text from another, then feel free to mix and match.

We have also suggested various layouts for your invitation, although this can be amended to whatever you wish.  One of the main choices will be whether the invitation is coming from parents, or you and your partner, (or both!). In some cases we have had the invitation coming from the couple’s young son/daughter.  You can also choose whether you wish to include space so that you can hand-write your guests names as we have shown below (or as an optional extra have us print them for you in a calligraphy style font).


Feel free to download our pdfs on the various options for both typestyles and layout.

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