Choice of Print

The illustration of your church or venue will be printed as a pencil sketch.


You then have a choice of colour for the text on the front cover and inside – see colour swatch. Some clients choose to have this in black for a traditional classic look or some go for the popular choice of a colour to match the colour theme of their wedding. We tend to print the titles on the cover in colour and on the text inside we tend to use colour for you and your partners names so that you both stand out from the main body text which we normally print in black.

We also offer gold and silver foil printing (this is a shiny metallic effect). This involves having a die made of the text that you wish to be foil printed in gold or silver and is a separate additional process. Consequently, this means the cost is slightly more expensive than our digital print only option although the final costs also depends on how many items of stationery you wish to have printed. We offer personalised bespoke quoting for this so please feel free to ask. Please also ask if you would like to see any samples.

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